Is CBSE planning to reduce the weightage of term 1 exams 2021-22?

We all know that the CBSE term 1 exams of the session 2021-22 were held in the months of November and December last year. There were many conspiracies in those objective type exams, like questions were raised on the difficulty levels of the exam, news about enormous amount of cheating and unfair practices practiced were all around in the air at those times. Now, since CBSE has released the result of both board classes, X and XII for the term 1 exams, the current discussion among students and their teachers is that CBSE might reduce the weightage of the term1 exams as compared to that of term 2 exams in the final result marksheets.

Well, there is definitely no clue at this time from the side of CBSE whether it is going to reduce the weightage and if yes, then up to what extent.

What students want?

The desires of the students is of two types because of the fact that there are two types of students over this issue. One, who have got excellent and satisfactory marks in their term 1 result and the second ones are those who were not able to make their parents happy with their results. 
The First category, obviously don't want that CBSE reduces the weightage of term1 exams, while the second category is eagerly waiting for CBSE to decide the reduced weightage.

What are the possibilities?

Since, nothing is clear from the side of CBSE, all what we can do is GUESS. Once a rumor spread in the air during the end of term 1 exams that CBSE is going to reduce the weightage of term 1 upto 30% and keep the weightage of term 2 exams 70% in the final result. But, this got settled down like mud in water very early. But, after the recent declaration of term 1 result, this mud is now being suspended in the water, wait, didn't get it. I mean, the 30-70 weightage of the both terms is now being discussed again. 

What gives a hint that term 1 weightage is gonna reduced?

CBSE has released two circulars during the declaration of term 1 results for both classes X and XII.
The two lines of these both circulars separately suggests that the already and conventionally decided weightage of 50-50 for both terms is now definitely not certain. If it was so, then CBSE had not said that,
The weightage of Term-I and Term-II will be decided at the time of declaration of Term-II result and accordingly, final performance will be calculated.

So, This definitely suggests CBSE is going to make changes in the weightage of both terms. But, But, But, since this is CBSE, and as it was unexpected that CBSE could hold board exam in two separate terms, no one here can be 100% sure about what CBSE will do. With this, what we hope is the best for you. Stay tuned and RELAX!


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